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Huaraz: The Monster Within

April 28, 2011


My time in Huaraz, which I had been looking forward to after the bleakness of Trujillo, was somewhat tarnished by illness even worse than on previous travels in India. There is no need to go into serious detail here, though suffice to say that at more than one point liquid substance was exiting my body […]

The Secret Revolution: Tory plans for the NHS

January 23, 2011


I tuned in to Thursday njght’s Question Time for additional reasons to usual last week, with Burnley FC defender and Professional Footballer’s Association chairman Clarke Carlisle amongst the panellists. Carlisle’s performance was assured if unremarkable on the show, where most heated debate amongst audience and panellists was over the Con-Dem government’s recently announced NHS reforms. […]

Focus on the BBC

September 3, 2009


The BBC has been the subject of two excellent articles this week, though both approach the topic from different angles. Jonathan Freedland blogs on the importance of the Beeb as a national institution at, while the New Statesman’s Mehdi Hasan challenges oft-repeated claim that the BBC is left-leaning by nature. Both articles are, to […]

Thank Bevan for the NHS

August 14, 2009


The recent American attacks on the NHS strike me as faintly ridiculous. The attempts of a largely discredited US Right to undermine Barack Obama’s healthcare plans by pointing out defects in the British system would be laughable anyway, even if they had not resorted to the most surreal language imagineable, branding the NHS ‘Orwellian’ and […]