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Disconnected: Faith and poverty in Nairobi (2)

October 27, 2011


Continued from previous blog post. Church service over, there was no rest for the wicked (or, I hoped, slightly less wicked given my morning holiness). I was straight on a bus from Karen into the centre of town, where I spent a good hour waiting for my fixer to arrive. In the UK, this would […]

Disconnected: Faith and poverty in Nairobi (1)

October 26, 2011


It was a strange way to spend a Sunday, seeing two sides to the city I now live in and confirming why Kenya remains such an enigma to those that visit it. My morning began early, even earlier than it would midweek, as I dragged myself from bed to catch a matatu and a bus […]

Grenade attacks foster air of fear in Nairobi

October 25, 2011


*This article appeared at on 26 October 2011 A matatu stage is one of the busiest, loudest, most confusing places a stranger to Nairobi can find themselves. Thousands of locals jostle for position in the rush to navigate the city’s notorious rush hour. Endless, numberless vehicles that all look the same pull up in […]

Climbing Mount Longonot

October 21, 2011


After a busy week at work, Friday night came around and I could barely disguise my happiness at the fact that I could spend the next day, with no guilt whatsoever, relaxing in the garden, perhaps having a Tusker beer or two. A quick perusal of some Facebook expat groups changed all that though. Two […]

Lake Naivasha and Hell’s Gate National Park

October 10, 2011


After two weeks without leaving the city, and in fact barely leaving the house/office, it was certainly time to get out of Nairobi and see some of Kenya. After shamelessly using the internet to enlist a complete stranger as a companion, I found myself on a bus bound for Naivasha late on Saturday morning. The […]

The Kenyan Way

September 27, 2011


I have been a resident of Kenya for less than a week, and already the distinctions and anomalies of Kenyan life are beginning to come home to me. It immediately strikes me as remarkable that anything at all can get done here. Yet somehow everyone seems to muddle through and tasks are completed, though perhaps […]