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Tory bloggers

November 29, 2009


An illuminating discussion with the Mirror’s Kevin Maguire last week, during which he referred to how the blogging world has become dominated by right-wingers. He attributed this to the fact that the internet in general, and the act of blogging in particular, has grown-up at a time when a supposedly left-wing Labour government is in […]

The internet and its limitations

November 25, 2009


So here I’ve been singing the praises of the internet as a media tool, empowering people and making a valuable contribution to democracy. Power to the people. But apparently not. The ‘hand of Thierry’ and the furore that surrounded Ireland’s controversial exit from the World Cup last week has demonstrated some of the flaws and […]

Obama, China and the Internet

November 22, 2009


It will be a long time before the people of China have democracy, but how long will it be before they can gain uncensored access to at least a small bit of it, the internet. Some form of dissent on the internet does take place, but nowhere near enough. And it is good news to […]

Trial by Fury?

November 15, 2009


Yet another esteemed commentator has jumped on the bandwagon of condemning the ability of the internet to whip up feelings amongst the general public about one topic or another. Dominic Sandbrook, an historian who I greatly admire, has used his column in the New Statesman to speak out against the opportunities offered by the internet […]

I Don’t Like Nick Cohen

November 10, 2009


I stumbled across Nick Cohen well before I even started to pretend being interested in columnists and the like, after I reading his cynical and miserable view of the state of left-wing politics. I thoroughly recommend for you not to buy it here, though I note that it is available at the slightly more realistic price […]

Jan Moir and the wonders of the internet

October 19, 2009


The ‘Jan Moir’ incident of last week was a perfect example of everything that is wrong and right about the importance of the internet in modern journalism. Her article appeared in Friday’s Daily Mail, but it was the internet and the reaction of people using the internet that gave it a substantially greater audience than […]