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Reading the riots: An alternative perspective

August 12, 2011


I must begin by stating that I, in no way whatsoever, condone the actions of the rioters and looters in London and other cities within the UK over the last few days. However, in what follows I hope to add a level of understanding to what has occurred. In the short term all Cameron and […]

A happy coalition christmas

December 23, 2010


In September, I asked on these pages whether Vince Cable was the most likely senior Lib Dem to fall foul of the coalition government and move to the backbenches, or even defect to Labour. In some respects, those questions have proved to be important ones, given Cable’s recent infidelities in declaring that he would be […]

Lies and the ‘politics of consensus’

November 11, 2010


Nobody should condone the violence that marked yesterday’s demonstration against increased tuition fees, as I heard several people do. Yet it is clear that, just as a handful of hooligans taint ordinary football fans, those protestors that went too far were in a minority, with most of the 50,000 or so people that took to […]

The betrayal of the Liberals

October 11, 2010


The leadership of the Liberal Democrats must surely be bracing themselves for what promises to be a difficult few days. With Lord Browne’s review of higher education funding set to be unveiled tomorrow, it seems most people already know what he is set to propose. And these proposals look set to divide the Liberal Democrats, […]

Cable out on a limb

September 22, 2010


There is no doubting that Vince Cable, the business secretary, is right to attack excessive bank bonuses and the “spivs and gamblers” that receive them. The major economic mouthpiece of the Liberal Democrats, such views and the forthright manner in which he has expressed were commonplace in opposition and earned Cable a reputation as one […]

Braced for a backlash: The Lib Dems face an uncertain future

June 4, 2010


Former Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Bridget Fox sounds offended at the suggestion that the party has betrayed its supporters by joining a coalition government with the Conservatives, and angry at smaller parties for suggesting that this development could work to their advantage. She feels such parties actually owe them a debt of gratitude for putting […]

Cameron accuses Brown of “climbdown”

November 1, 2009


David Cameron used Prime Minister’s question time to accuse Gordon Brown of a “humiliating climbdown” over plans to cut £20 million from the training budget of the Territorial Army. He also challenged Brown’s assertions over Britain’s economic recovery, urging the prime minister to “finally admit that he did not end boom and bust”. Brown hit […]