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San Pedro De Atacama: Money and Sand

June 8, 2011


Having successfully fooled an English couple into thinking that a few days in my company wouldn´t be too bad, I found a quiet and decent hostel in San Pedro shortly after arriving in Chile. After a decent salmon lunch, noticeably much more expensive than in Bolivia (a feeling that was to become familiar), the next […]

Puno: Peruvian Titicaca

May 17, 2011


My trip from Cuzco to Puno did not get off to a good start as I somehow managed to dislocate my shoulder while strapping into my increasingly heavy backpack at Cuzco bus terminal. So it was in substantial pain that I spent a subdued eight hours on a bus to my final Peruvian stop. Travellers […]

Cuzco and Machu Picchu: Showpiece

May 15, 2011


I bottled out on the mammoth bus journey from Lima to Cuzco and flew instead, a decision I considered justified as the journey took a mere hour instead of the almost full day the ambling bus would have taken. As it was, I was able to check in to my hotel (deliberately a quite sedate […]

Huacachina: We came to party (3)

May 10, 2011


Imagine my surprise upon arrival at the cluster of bus terminals to discover that my bus to Ica, the stop-off point for Huacachina, was a mere 27 soles and ran every ten minutes. A far cry from the unpredictability of most South American journeys, the four-hour journey was also one of the more picturesque, with […]

Lima: Es London

April 29, 2011


It´s strange that a city as big as Lima deserves little more than a footnote to my tales of my travels so far. But, other than as a stopping point, the place offers basically nothing to travellers. After arriving very early (4am) we found a hostel and bedded down for a few hours, before heading […]

Huaraz: The Monster Within

April 28, 2011


My time in Huaraz, which I had been looking forward to after the bleakness of Trujillo, was somewhat tarnished by illness even worse than on previous travels in India. There is no need to go into serious detail here, though suffice to say that at more than one point liquid substance was exiting my body […]

Trujillo and Huanchaco: An Interlude

April 27, 2011


After an awful bus journey, which dragged on for three hours longer than expected and didn´t offer the promised air conditioning, the Bradfordian, the Aussie and myself arrived in Trujillo. After a poor first impression, later compounded by a poor second impression, we jumped into the first taxi to the nearby coastal town of Huanchaco. […]