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Jeremy Clarkson’s a buffoon who thinks he’s funny. Get over it

December 2, 2011


The title of this blog says it all really. Yes, Jeremy Clarkson is an overpaid fool who thinks he is much more amusing than he actually is. Unfortunately, the BBC and millions of Top Gear viewers agree, and thus he is incessantly wheeled out in order to make some kind of outrageous remark that will […]

Murdoch, moguls and democracy

January 2, 2010


The vast expanse of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire means millions of people across the world are reliant on it for their news, yet this responsibility is not one that Murdoch has ever taken seriously. My view is that the provision of news is crucial to any democracy, and therefore that the it should not be […]

Democratic deficit?

December 2, 2009


At a talk last night at City University regarding the decline of the regional print press, and thus regional news in general, in the face of the technological revolution, an interesting point was made regarding the danger to democracy if local papers were to disappear. Local papers have played a crucial role over the years […]

Sorry to keep banging on about this…

October 1, 2009


… but this is getting silly now. Fair point from Livingstone. And surely Boris has more important things to be doing?

They’re at it again!

September 24, 2009


More outrageous claims of a left-wing bias at the BBC. As I’ve suggested here before, this claim is a complete fallacy. It’s a clever ploy from the right, an attempt to further consolidate their hold over the media. But I wish they’d give it a rest.

The BBC and the BNP

September 6, 2009


Somehow or other the BBC is cropping up a lot at the moment, this time because of its controversial invitation to BNP leader Nick Griffin to appear on Question Time. The whole ‘No Platform’ idea, for me, needs a rethink. The BNP have now achieved some level of electoral success, suggesting that the previous tactic […]

Focus on the BBC

September 3, 2009


The BBC has been the subject of two excellent articles this week, though both approach the topic from different angles. Jonathan Freedland blogs on the importance of the Beeb as a national institution at, while the New Statesman’s Mehdi Hasan challenges oft-repeated claim that the BBC is left-leaning by nature. Both articles are, to […]