About Tom

I have recently relocated to Kenya in order to work for the news agency Webaraza following a period travelling in South America and Asia.

After finishing school in my home city of Southampton, I studied History & Politics at the University of York before moving to London to study for the masters in Newspaper Journalism at the esteemed journalism school at City University.

My primary interests are in current affairs and politics. Though I have no ties to any political party in particular, and indeed retain varying views that would most likely make me incompatible with any one group, I consider myself to be generally of the left. I make no apologies for bias, therefore, in anything written on this blog. Objectivity is indeed a required trait in journalists, particularly when reporting the news, but it is also the role of journalists to explain and contextualise current events for their readers. When something is wrong or hypocritical, we should say so. Moreover, this blog is dedicated to commentary as well as simply journalism, and I make no apologies for repeating  my opinions ad nauseum here. All views are clearly my own and not those of my employers.

These pages will not focus on politics alone, however. I am a committed supporter of Burnley Football Club and an avid fan of football in general, and no reader will fail to notice that. I enjoy music and regulary go to gigs, so it would be wrong for that not to alter the content of this blog. I take the view that this is my space to write what I see fit (the law permitting!). I hope you find something that interests you.

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