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Kenya’s Keyboard Warriors

April 6, 2012


* Article originally appeared in the East African Business Times Kenyans are increasingly taking to social media to report bad service and behaviour by companies, publicising misdeeds and forcing organisations to account for failings or risk serious damage to their reputations. After claiming discrimination against him by a Diani hotel having been refused entry to […]

So that’s how Twitter makes money

March 13, 2012


Social networking site Twitter has sold two years worth of tweets to a marketing firm as it seeks new ways of monetising the site, a move which has enraged privacy campaigners. The deal will allow businesses access to all tweets posted since January 2010, with UK firm DataSift becoming the first company to sell the […]

Following the ‘decade of difference’

January 5, 2010


Charlie Beckett, the director of journalism and society think-tank POLIS, thinks that the world of journalism is capable of adapting its business models to the new technologies in this coming decade. Thank God for that, I hear students of journalism (including myself) gratefully saying. Yet Becket does not suggest any solid ideas on how online […]

‘Twitter storms’

December 22, 2009


I note with amusement the thoughts of Roy Greenslade on ‘twitter storms‘, in which he appears to be, unusually for him, unsure about the impact of something on the world of media. Greenslade hits the nail on the head with one comment, but then appears to contradict himself in the rest of the piece. “If […]

Tory bloggers

November 29, 2009


An illuminating discussion with the Mirror’s Kevin Maguire last week, during which he referred to how the blogging world has become dominated by right-wingers. He attributed this to the fact that the internet in general, and the act of blogging in particular, has grown-up at a time when a supposedly left-wing Labour government is in […]

Trial by Fury?

November 15, 2009


Yet another esteemed commentator has jumped on the bandwagon of condemning the ability of the internet to whip up feelings amongst the general public about one topic or another. Dominic Sandbrook, an historian who I greatly admire, has used his column in the New Statesman to speak out against the opportunities offered by the internet […]

Tweeting to freedom?

October 30, 2009


Twitter as a journalistic resource has been much-discussed. The social-networking site is a valuable research to reporters of all persuasions, be they lazy or conscientious. The lazy reporter picks up on something on Twitter and reports it as fact. His conscientious colleague finds the same nugget of information, then researches, checks, and double checks before reporting […]