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‘Red’ Ed and the long road back

September 25, 2010


At long last, Labour have a new leader. Ed Miliband, who at the start of the lengthy leadership campaign was seen as the underdog to his older brother David, today begins life as the official leader of the opposition. We all knew it would be a Miliband leading the Labour Party during the remainder of […]

Cameron accuses Brown of “climbdown”

November 1, 2009


David Cameron used Prime Minister’s question time to accuse Gordon Brown of a “humiliating climbdown” over plans to cut £20 million from the training budget of the Territorial Army. He also challenged Brown’s assertions over Britain’s economic recovery, urging the prime minister to “finally admit that he did not end boom and bust”. Brown hit […]

Is the recession almost over?

August 16, 2009


Recently, some ecomomists and financial experts have predicted that the recession is drawing to a close and will soon be at an end. I will disregard the question of whether or not, given the economic debacle such ‘experts’ created for us, these optimists can be trusted, and instead focus on whether or not this claim […]