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A digital future?

February 28, 2010


In (not quite) breaking news, The Guardian is breaking records for the success of its online brand. Clearly this is a newspaper embracing the digital age with aplomb. Whether or not it will continue to attract so many visitors should it follow one of the projected future paths of charging for online content is unclear […]

Following the ‘decade of difference’

January 5, 2010


Charlie Beckett, the director of journalism and society think-tank POLIS, thinks that the world of journalism is capable of adapting its business models to the new technologies in this coming decade. Thank God for that, I hear students of journalism (including myself) gratefully saying. Yet Becket does not suggest any solid ideas on how online […]

Democratic deficit?

December 2, 2009


At a talk last night at City University regarding the decline of the regional print press, and thus regional news in general, in the face of the technological revolution, an interesting point was made regarding the danger to democracy if local papers were to disappear. Local papers have played a crucial role over the years […]