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Trial by Fury?

November 15, 2009


Yet another esteemed commentator has jumped on the bandwagon of condemning the ability of the internet to whip up feelings amongst the general public about one topic or another. Dominic Sandbrook, an historian who I greatly admire, has used his column in the New Statesman to speak out against the opportunities offered by the internet […]

The 16th most powerful person in the world

October 11, 2009


There were a few surprises in a recent New Statesman article on the 50 people who matter most in the world, but the fact that the Murdochs were only beaten into second place by the Obamas was not one of them. What caught my eye was the person who slipped in at number 16: Harvey […]

Focus on the BBC

September 3, 2009


The BBC has been the subject of two excellent articles this week, though both approach the topic from different angles. Jonathan Freedland blogs on the importance of the Beeb as a national institution at, while the New Statesman’s Mehdi Hasan challenges oft-repeated claim that the BBC is left-leaning by nature. Both articles are, to […]

Off With Their Heads?

July 19, 2009


The New Statesman was extremely brave last week when it went out on a limb by demanding the end of monarchy. Republicanism as an ideology has been dormant in this country for far too long now, yet the magazine felt able to dedicate an entire issue to why this country would be better off without […]