Windy Malindi

Posted on May 2, 2012


Horrible blog title. At times horrible trip.

Let’s start with the horror. En route to the bus station in Nairobi, horrific rain started to fall, as is common during this time of year in Kenya. As is also common, traffic all over CBD ground to a standstill, making us missing the bus inevitable. In the event, we missed it by 1.5 hours, but a miraculous bit of communication involving our taxi driver, his friend, his friend’s friend and the driver of the bus meant we managed to pinpoint its location, take a different route, overtake it and eventually get collected at the next stop. Panic, and a substantial airfare, averted.

The next bit of horrible stuff involved my own health. After a good first day by the pool and beach, what I considered to be a nice fish lunch ended up causing me to spend the majority of our first night in Malindi in the bathroom being violently ill. I shall provide no more details than that, but suffice to say one of my two nights there was ruined along with most of the following morning as I slowly returned to normality.

It wasn’t all bad, however. The weather remained remarkably clear and hot, in contrast to the rains of Nairobi. Our hotel, Breeze Point, was excellent and very good value for money, though it will surely be even better once they complete the rooftop mini-golf they are in the process of building. After spending the first morning by the pool we went for a walk and a drink on the picturesque and deserted beach, with typically warm water. Once I had recovered on day two we spent the day at the Driftwood Resort. It seems that the entirety of Malindi’s coastline has been monopolised by such resorts, but Driftwood was calm and quiet with easy access to both pool and beach and a good restaurant, where we ate a great steak dinner that night. We in fact returned the next day, as the place offered all we wanted at reasonable prices.

So a mixed trip to the north coast. Malindi was as nice as I had expected, but suffered compared to Diani due to lack of nightlife options, though this may have had something to do with it not being peak season. Another Kenyan town ticked off in any case.

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