Funds not fans rule Olympic obsession

Posted on October 3, 2011


See anything?

In March of last year myself and my colleagues at The Hackney Post were at the forefront in reporting that West Ham United FC wanted the Olympic Stadium even if they were forced to retain a running track, as well as the official bid itself.

At the time West Ham supporters were critical of the plans, not only because it moved the club away from its traditional home but because they would be forced to keep the track around the pitch, meaning fans would be a long distance from the pitch.

Since then, the club have won the support of the Olympic Park Legacy Company to occupy the stadium once the games are over, though Tottenham and Leyton Orient are still engaged in what seems a rather forlorn legal bid to have the decision overturned.

Yet the picture featured here shows just how difficult viewing football will be for those West Ham fans in the seats closest to the pitch, and seems to confirm what many have previously said, that the running track is simply not compatible with football at this level. West Ham fans have every reason to be unhappy with the move, while supporters of Spurs must be praying that their High Court bid for a rethink is rejected.

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