Florianopolis: We came to party (4)

Posted on July 5, 2011


The mammoth bus trip from Montevideo to Florianopolis was improved by the fact that we were not required to leave the bus during the early hours to go through the formalities for entering Brazil. The bus company handled the whole thing, and earned our deepest gratitude in doing so.

Nevertheless, it was still 6pm before arrived in Florianopolis and completed the complicated procedure of catching two local buses to reach our hostel on Ilha de Santa Catarina. The city itself has little to offer, and merely acts as the bridging point for travellers seeking the beaches of the adjoining island. We (by this point I had cottoned on to some fellow Brits) checked into the excellent Backpackers Share House, and were immediately able to enjoy a fantastic asado dinner. In spite of having planned a quiet night, we partied away the evening at a local samba nightclub where we were taught the moves by Brazilian girls.

The weather was hospitable the next morning so we sought out a deserted beach. Brazilians do not seem to venture onto the sand at this time of year, but for those of us from the UK it was certainly warm enough. The wind and clouds did appear eventually, however, and we sought warmth with a huge seafood meal on the beachfront before heading back to the hostel for a social evening playing cards. A combination of good people and honesty-policy bar made it a great place to spend a relaxed evening.

The next day the weather was so bad that we were forced to loiter around the hostel all day. We had been warned this may be the case, but with nothing much else to do on the island other than relax on the beach it did come as a blow, ruining the nice, tranquil setting we found ourselves in. Forced to make the most of it, the night descended into messiness, as a great beef stroganoff meal gave way to several games of Ring of Fire.

I departed for my overnight bus the next day having had an excellent time amongst great people at a very friendly hostel, but disappointed that the weather had denied me the chance to truly experience the island, and most importantly top up my by now flagging tan.

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