Salta: Into Argentina

Posted on June 10, 2011


Due to the ridiculous fact that the Chile-Argentina border shuts down overnight, we were required to waste a day on the 12-hour trip between San Pedro and Salta. Luckily, the bus was more comfortable than most, which boded well for the rest of my time in Argentina.

The next morning in the city itself (nice, busy but fairly non-descript) was spent visiting a museum documenting the discovery of Inca remains in the surrounding areas. It was common for the Incas to make sacrifices to varying gods, and thus three young children had been buried in the mountains. The conditions had kept their bodies perfectly preserved, and after their discovery they had been kept in such an environment within the confines of a museum. It was gruesome but fascinating.

Needing some light relief after realising we had just spent an hour or more staring at mummified kids, we went to the market for cheap empanadas (basically cornish pasties but smaller and with varying fillings) and then took a cable car to the summit of a nearby peak to see views of the town. By this time myself and the English couple I had become a surrogate son to had collected a Welsh companion, and the negligible excitement of the views of Salta were more than made up for by the amusement in mocking his fear of heights.

After returning to town it was to the supermarket to pick up steak and wine, a routine that was to become common. Having made excessive use of both, we decamped to the nearby Bowling Pub (essentially a bowling alley with a bar) to humiliate ourselves in front of bemused locals, before retiring to another bar to end the night. Salta was done in a day, and we had wine to find.

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