Lima: Es London

Posted on April 29, 2011


It´s strange that a city as big as Lima deserves little more than a footnote to my tales of my travels so far. But, other than as a stopping point, the place offers basically nothing to travellers.

After arriving very early (4am) we found a hostel and bedded down for a few hours, before heading out to sort buses out for the next day. This was to be the end of my travels as a trio with the Bradfordian and the Aussie, though I was to return to Lima briefly after a 3-day sojourn in the oasis of Huacachina (see next blog post). Arriving on Good Friday, most things were shut, but a stroll down the main highway of Miraflores, the neighbourhood where most gringos end up, revealed enough functioning banks, KFCs and Burger Kings to keep the idiots happy on the holy day.

Don´t get me wrong, the coastline was pleasant and the few beers we had on Parque Kennedy in the sun lightened the day, but as a traveller destination Lima offers little to nothing. Several more beverages were enjoyed in a rare open bar that night in order to say adios to the boys, before my bed beckoned before my early bus out.

Arriving back three days later, this time with a young Dutch guy in tow, the one evening was spent sharing a whole chicken purchased at Wong supermarket and wiling the hours away in front of the television, awaiting sleep and the early morning departure. The problem with my Lima was that it was nothing in comparison to my dalliance in the middle. Because, from now on, it will always be “pre-Huacachina” and “post-Huacachina”.

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