Mancora: We came to party (2)

Posted on April 19, 2011


After spending hours waiting during the middle of the night in order to gain an exit stamp from Ecuador, myself and the Bradfordian arrived in Mancora, Peru in the early hours, weary and just in need of a bed. Unfortunately, our choice of hostel was such a popular one that we had to wait around in searing sun until mid-afternoon before being assigned dorm space.

You could see why people chose Loki Mancora above the other options though. A western brainchild that has swept around Peru and Bolivia, the hostels provide everything a party-packer needs. And you don´t need to speak a word of Spanish.

In fairness, complaints that by staying at such a venue with such people meant you could be anywhere in the world are completely founded. But for those visiting Mancora to soak up the sun and have a good time, which was the vast majority, Loki was perfect.

After a game of football on the long and deserted beach at sunset, from which I retain damage to my right knee after a kamikaze tackle on an Israeli opponent, we took to the bar to meet the rest of the hostel. After bonding with a lively Aussie, who would later become a travelling colleague, I was persuaded to enter a limbo competition in order to impress some of the local talent. Whether they were impressed or not, I was the last surviving male in the tournament, and so returned to my beer proud. After sampling two beachside parties, it was to bed before starting all over again the next day.

After sunbathing/burning a while with my amigos the next day, it was back to the serious business for an excellent cocktail hour (introduced with the refrain “If you like cock, and you like tails…”) before an almuerzo dinner. Forced from Loki´s bar by some frankly appalling attempts at karaoke, including from my Aussie amigo, we settled for a bottle of rum and some ice by the beach.

Destroyed of body and mind the next day, there was still plenty of time for some afternoon beers on the beachfront before boarding our overnight bus inland to Trujillo.

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