Posted on October 4, 2009


Excellent coverage in the IoS today of the build-up to this week’s Conservative party coverage. Highlighting the divisions within the party, the variations in David Cameron’s thinking and the darker side of the ‘decontaminated’ Tories, the paper does a real service to the voters in Britain by breaking with the norm and writing critically of Cameron and his party.

The conference will be important, as whether or not the party can remain united in the face of the eternal ‘Europe question’ will determine the future of the party in the next few months. A Tory pie-fight in Brighton is surely too much to ask for, but we can always hope. I just hope the IoS has now raised the bar for press coverage of the Conservatives, as the British public need to know a lot more about the backgrounds, motivations and, above all, policies of the people that currently look most likely to form our next government.

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